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Zakia's Hair Care Collection for Men & Women

Zakia's Morocco offers a unique range of Argan Oil Shampoos and hair products. Argan Oil and Atlas Mountain Lava Clay are fabulous hair treatments. Specially formulated we have the right hair care product for you.

We have two fabulous ultra-rich shampoos that are perfect for all types of hair. Tired of dry, stressed and broken ends? Then our Argan Oil Revitalizing Shampoo is perfect for you. Super rich lather will provide all the nourishment your hair and scalp needs. We also have a deep cleaning Lava Clay Shampoo for oily hair. Using the traditional Moroccan method of Ghassoul Clay Powder this shampoo provides great body and fullness.

Traditional Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder is a centuries time tested beauty secret. Helps treat scalp and hair alike. Ghassoul in Arabic actually means to "clean". Helps contribute to healthy glowing hair and provide great body and manageability. You willl love it!