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Here are just some of the wonderful comments our fans are saying about Zakia's Morocco.  If you want to provide your comments simply email us at rh@zakiasmorocco.comand we will be delighted to put your comments up on our site.  Even if they are less than favourable we believe in showing everyone's opinion.  That way we can always improve our products, service and presentation.  Thank you again for participating and thanks to all those that have contributed below:
melilala says,
This is THE best product I've ever used for my face. Period.  It truly is a nectar of the Gods and will forever remain in my beauty routine.  Fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth are gone, the ruddiness in my cheeks and chin are gone, the overall texture of my skin has become smoother and brighter--and this is only since Meg sent me a bottle (2 weeks?!) I just use 2-3 drops in my day and night creme and it's truly a miracle worker.  My skin hasn't looked this good since my pre-KP days and I was 2 years old!
I got Zakia's Argan Oil from my Megs package. It smells really strange, but I put some in my hair and it feels softer. It also noticably reduced a scar I have.
stylemama says,
This is like no other Argan Oil I've ever used! You nailed it SAG-it really is the nector of the God's! You know it's something special when the writers start talking about it amongst ourselves prior to the actual post. I love how it is THE universal treatment. I've used it head to toe and also on every member of my family.(And, there is still tons left!) My 7 year old gets THE driest hands and they were cured by morning. It also does a great job of preparing hands & nails for your manicure. The polish went on sooo smooth! You really do see quick results with this product. When I press a small amount into my entire face it highlights it beautifully sans make up. Plus I think I'm starting to see a smoothing affect to my skin tone and fine lines. It is also helping to manage the dermatitis that I get around my mouth and chin. It has a very natural scent. I like the way it smells but don't expect a perfume like scent. It kind of reminds me of olive oil-yummy. (I think Goddess Granny said the same thing in one of our pre-post emails.). I can't imagine ever being without this. I bet we are all going to be surprised by the effects of long term use. Really great post, loved the image of a young SAG staring at that naked bootie!!
erica says,
I don't know how I ever managed without this product! I use it every time I wash my hair, as a leave-in conditioner, and I just started using it at night, a few drops all over my face after I apply my Retin-A, and my skin has never looked better!
i got this in my meg's package (just got it yesterday! haha) and i loooove this stuff. i have really dry skin (thanks, canadian winters...) and it didn't help me THAT much this morning. i've mixed some into my exfoliator, and hoping it helps (:i haven't tried it in my hair yet, but im prepared to used this for softer ends!
GlossQueen  says,
I got a bottle of this with my amazing package from Meg. I'm loving it so far. I haven't used it on my hair yet, but it's great for my face and body. Thanks Meg xxx
jeanasina says, bring me total visuals every single time you write! SOOOOOOOO good! SAG is also telling you the truth...I totally put the word out after I got the Argon Oil to the girls that if ANY of them didn't like it would they PLEASE send it to ME I was ready to send postage to them! I have never asked them that before! That's how good this oil is! This oil is like sort of a genie in a bottle! The mystique behind the idea of a breathtaking woman from Morocco using this on her skin her secret for staying so beautiful at any age is embedded in your head, at least that's what I visualize every time I apply this oil! From the day I opened the bottle I have been using it on my face and neck and chest...working my to to my nails and cuticles. I loooooooooove how this oil goes on and how it feels as I massage it into my face. I love the glow I feel after putting it on! I love how it sinks into my skin. I REALLY love when I wake up in the morning and I look into the mirror and smile! It could be wishful thinking or it COULD be that this particular Argon Oil is really quite remarkable and is doing delightful things to my skin!  I gotta try it on my hair too!
mjsred  says,
I LOVE this review and I LOVE my oil!!! I was a bit cautious about smearing anything that smelled a bit like a salad on my face but let me tell you,it's more like THE most amazingly beautiful salad you can imagine drizzled with THE most pure and delicious oil ever! I have been using it at night once or twice a week and I glow in the morning.It fixes everything and it's one product I'll continue to invest in after this bottle is gone! :)I have sensitive,touchy skin and it's done nothing but improve it so combined with SAG's incredible review,I'm a believer!!! :)
sharond says,
I like this oil mixed with lemon for my nails.  The smell certainly isn't wonderful, but it is natural and earthy.  What I think is funny is the goats eat the fleshy Argan olive like nut, then digest the soft parts and "poop" out the kernals which people collect to get the oil.  It takes about 20 hours to make one liter.  The oil works very similar to sweet almond oil which I find to heavy for my dry facial skin.  I like it better on my feet, elbows and other rough areas and of course it is wonderful for your hair.  I plan to mix a little with a light moisturizer and then try it on my face.  People in the Morocco region of Africa use the oil for cooking.  Since this is natural I would assume you could use it mixed into couscous right before serving to give it an earthy nutty flavor.  We eat a lot of couscous so I plan to give it a try.  Argan production is still basically a cottage industry, managed largely by women. But many people believe that if the oil became better known it could provide more employment in the region as well as enhancing the environment.  This is a wonderful product and think of all the good you are doing by using it.
champ3377 says,
I looked at the bottle when it arrived and thought, "Okay, now what?Now I ask, "What can't I do with this?"  This Argan oil has been nothing less than miracles for any part of my that tends to dry--skin, hair, nails, hands, you name it.  I love the purity, the organic roots.  I love the whole mystique of exotic products like this, especially when they work this well.  My life has been forever changed by this